Why Purchase Custom Clothing?

There are many reasons to purchase custom clothing from us. Perhaps the most important reason though is simply, VALUE. A custom made garment lasts longer because of superior materials and workmanship and costs about the same as clothing purchased from the "rack" of the better department stores.

Another value to custom clothing is our personal SERVICE. Our representative measures your body with the fit you want and then follows your order through delivery. This personal attention and interaction assures you of convenience and quality control. No busy malls, no parking problems, no pushy salespersons, no hassle!

Our wide SELECTION of fabric, color, and styles cannot be duplicated in a department store that buys only seasonally. You make the decision about the weight, fit, and look of your clothing when you choose to order from us. Our product is made only for you!

We make clothes that FIT you. We make them fit with exact measurements and feedback from you on how you like your clothes to fit.

We want to be your personal TAILOR. We guarantee our clothes to fit the way you ordered them. We keep your measurements on file and we update those measurements as required. If your body changes we will modify you clothing to your new measurements.

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